Year End Fundraiser
Our year end fundraiser was a rousing success!
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80 Years Serving Children
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Our Mission

To change the lives of people with disabilities in a therapeutic camp setting

Our Vision

To continuously strive to provide relevant, quality programming that promotes greater independence for all people


Our 2024 Summer Camp Employment Applications are posted!

We offer referral bonuses to summer staff.  Learn more here!

We were the 2023 Superior Health Foundation Gala Partner and they supported our “Building a Better Beach Day” project.

Everything Is Therapy
At Bay Cliff

Speech & Language Therapy
Campers work on articulation, phonology, receptive and expressive language, social skills, pragmatics, and using augmentative devices.
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Campers work on self care, fine motor and visual motor skills, sensory integrations and life skills like cooking and money management.
Physical Therapy (PT)
Campers work on independent mobility, strengthening, endurance, balance, coordination and gross motor skills like running, hopping, skipping and jumping.
Campers work with more than one therapist to combine specialties and target skill growth (Picture: OT & PT co-treatment)
Therapy Groups
Camper work in a group setting on skills they all benefit from. Groups are offered from each therapy specialty and vary from year to year. (Pictured: Yoga).
Activity Classes
Along with their peers, campers work toward their therapy goals during a variety of fun, engaging camp activities. (Pictured: Archery).
Therapy Carryover
Daily practice and repetition are crucial in campers meeting their goals for the summer. Therapists, counselors and campers work together on carryover plans for the best success
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How Will You Make A Difference?

There are many way to make a difference at Bay Cliff Health Camp, including donations which allow us to continue supporting children. In addition to monetary donations, many donate their time/expertise or items to camp that we need. below.