A list of FAQs about summer camp. Questions include duration, communication and services. Let us know if you have more!

  1. How long is Children’s Summer Therapy Camp?
    • During a typical summer, campers attend a full session at Bay Cliff for 7 weeks (49 days). The only exception is preschool-age campers (3-5), who attend a half-session which is 3.5 weeks long.
  2. What services are available?
    • Bay Cliff always provides occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech & language therapy services. In addition, we offer professional support for children referred for one of the previously mentioned therapies who are blind/low vision or who are deaf/hard of hearing. When able, Bay Cliff provides music therapy as well. 
    • Every camper participates with their peers in daily (specialist-led) activities including: arts & crafts, pool/swimming, recreation and nature. 
  3. How much therapy will my child get during the summer?
    • It depends and is different for every camper. Each child is assessed by each therapist they have, during the first week of summer. Therapy is provided based on need, number of goals and availability (of camper and therapist/s). Formal therapy provision happens Monday – Friday, between breakfast and supper. In addition to formal therapy time (in the gym, speech cabins or treatment rooms) most campers participate in a therapy group, and all work on their goals throughout the day. Goals are targeted through carryover plans, during meals, in and out of cabins and more.
  4. How will I communicate with my child during the summer?
    • Write letters! Campers LOVE getting mail during the summer, including letters, cards and care packages. 
    • Bay Cliff does not allow campers to have cell phones, or make phone calls from camp lines. This means you will not be able to communicate with your child over the phone.
    • You will get a post card in the mail each week, organized through camp, from your child and their counselor (may add a message). Campers can write additional letters as well, but stationary and postage for those are provided by their families. 
  5. How will I know what’s going on at camp throughout the summer?
    • Your child’s Unit Leader is available for phone calls to/from you, and can give you updates when needed. They are busy with campers and staff though, and we ask for your patience (up to 24 hours) in getting a return phone call from them.
    • Therapists are also available for therapy-related questions, and will call you if they have any questions for you.
    • Bay Cliff is happy to share out summer events calendar with you at the start of camp, so you can follow along each day. We also post regularly on Facebook and Instagram!