Seth Rowles, LLMSW

Ian Campbell

Food Service Director

Ian grew up in central Indiana and graduated from Purdue University with a BA in Hospitality Management in 2015. He has worked throughout the food service industry in a variety of roles and has assisted in opening several restaurants. Ian was introduced to Bay Cliff through his wife, Brittany, and fell in love with it. He is very excited to be able to work at Bay Cliff full time and bring a new light to how foodservice is integrated to camp life. He currently lives in Marquette with his wife Brittany and three children.

Roles and Responsibilities

Food service director manages our kitchen, dining room, and dish room staff. They ensure that the food offered at Bay Cliff is of high quality, and allows people to connect with each other over food in our Big House

Contact Information

Phone: 906-345-9314, ext. 270