We held the inaugural BC Adult Rec Camp in August of 2022! This camp serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To ensure safety for our campers and staff, we require our BC Adult Rec Camp campers to require minimal assistance or less with transfers and activities of daily living.

Campers participate in a variety of fun group activities and games, such as volleyball, crafts, dancing, swimming, and skits. Alongside these activities, our campers build friendships with each other and have experiences that they remember for a lifetime. Participation in these activities is the goal of BC Adult Rec Camp, and is expected of our campers.

If you or someone you know might be interested in attending or working at BC Adult Rec Camp, please email Martha Process at msmithprocess@baycliff.org or call (906)-345-9314

Interested in Being a Staff Member?

Our BC Adult Rec Camp offers paid opportunities for staff. Join us for a week of fun and making a difference in the life of others!

If interested, email Martha Process at msmithprocess@baycliff.org