Improving the Health & Quality of Life of Polio Survivors

“This retreat has been the most important thing that I have done for myself in all my life.”

Children's Summer Therapy Camp

Our history is important to us, and we’re glad to serve our young campers of the past, and their peers, through this unique program.

Bay Cliff’s Post-Polio Wellness Retreat focuses on improving the overall health & quality of life of polio survivors. Participants individualize the program by selecting a combination of sessions to meet their specific needs. Educational sessions, taught by local and national health care professionals, assist polio survivors in learning more about Post-Polio Syndrome and leading a healthier lifestyle. In addition, participants explore aquatic therapy, massage, aromatherapy, and other complementary and alternative medicines as they relate to post-polio wellness. There are opportunities to exercise and recreational activities to enjoy throughout the week. All activities will be adapted to each participant’s functional ability level.  Overlooking Lake Superior in the beautiful north woods, Bay Cliff is known as “a place apart” offering an ideal setting for relaxation and renewal.

This Year’s Retreat is September 21-26

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We were pleased to see a wellness retreat for polio survivors, modeled after Bay Cliff’s Post-Polio Wellness Retreat, take place in Warm Springs, Georgia. Post-Polio Health International organized the event, which served polio survivors from around the world!  A physician in Colorado attended our retreat in 2013 and Colorado Post Polio Organization offered a health & wellness camp in Colorado in 2014!  It is our hope that others will provide a wellness retreat experience for polio survivors in their home area.  If this is something that interests you, we encourage you to think about attending one of our retreats.  In 2011, we offered a pre-retreat and post-retreat in-service offered for those interested in planning a retreat “back home”, and Polio Canada is now planning their own retreat!  Sharing information is a way we can help provide a wellness retreat opportunity to even more polio survivors, and we’re glad to do so.   Let us know if this interests you!

Bay Cliff also offers a “Post Polio Wellness Update.”  The wellness update is an opportunity for those who have attended wellness retreat at Bay Cliff previously to return to camp, re-connect with friends, receive updated information related to Post Polio Syndrome, and relax & renew.  Details for the next Wellness Update will be mailed to those who have attended a Bay Cliff Post Polio Wellness Retreat.

If you have any questions, please contact us by calling (906) 345-9314 or emailing Theresa Campana at