Children's Summer Therapy Camp

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In 1934, Bay Cliff Health Camp opened the gates to welcome Upper Peninsula (UP) children for the first time. Our original goal was to serve malnourished children during the Great Depression. The goal shifted in 1940 when UP children were impacted by the Polio epidemic. Hospitals were overwhelmed and children and families were not receiving the care they needed.  Bay Cliff Health Camp housed and cared for a number of children with Polio over the course of that winter, resulting in the addition of Polio treatment as part of the summer program. From there, our therapeutic programming grew quickly! Through it all, Bay Cliff has continued our original mission to serve children in growth and development through summer camp.


We are proud to serve children (called campers while at Bay Cliff) from all of Michigan, Wisconsin and beyond! Our typical summer therapy camp program provides seven continuous weeks of individualized therapy and camp activities.  Campers are referred to Bay Cliff based on their need for therapy (Occupational, Physical or Speech & Language). They spend the summer working towards their therapy goals while having traditional summer camp fun! Our staff includes professionals and pre-professionals who spend their summer here – living alongside and supporting Bay Cliff campers.

On the beach

Waiting for Fire on the Bay!

Children's Summer Therapy Camp

Going on a camping trip!

On the boat

Boating fun!


In 2020, Bay Cliff was affected -along with the whole world- by the global pandemic. While we were unable to safely provide in-person therapy programming, campers were invited to participate in our first Virtual Camp experience (BCVC). As our next summer approaches, Bay Cliff Health Camp remains committed to our mission while prioritizing the health and safety of our campers and staff. The Bay Cliff team will continue to provide professional therapy services (OT, PT, Speech) to campers, along with summer camp fun in 2021!


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