Our Children’s Summer Therapy Camp Staff are employed from June 12-August 7, 2022 (excluding leadership staff, who arrive June 8) This includes a week of orientation prior to the campers’ arrival

Below are a list of our summer employment opportunities

Camp Counselor

Here is a short description of the role:

Camp Counselors are responsible for the overall 24-hour care, safety, and well-being of the children in their cabin/unit.  The number of campers assigned to a Cabin Counselor will vary between one to six, depending on the needs of the campers and the unit worked in.  Roving Counselors work with all campers in the unit and are assigned to a cabin group within the unit when a Cabin Counselor has the day off, or as the need arises. The designation of Cabin Counselor or Roving Counselor is made during orientation week by the Unit Leader & Camp Administration.

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Activities Instructor

Here are some short descriptions of the activities instructors roles:

Arts and Crafts Instructor

The Arts & Crafts program is designed to give the campers instruction in a variety of creative mediums such as paints, clay, ceramics, textiles, fabrics, leatherwork, paper arts and printmaking.  Each child has opportunities to create a piece of art or build a craft project that they will later take home.

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Lifeguards are members of the Aquatics Staff, who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the children and staff while on, in or near the water for swimming and boating.  The Aquatics Staff is responsible for the operation and supervision of all waterfront activities.  The goal is to improve each child’s swimming ability while at the same time promoting swimming and boating as recreational activities to be enjoyed safely.  Swimming classes are conducted primarily in Bay Cliff’s indoor, heated pool.  Weather permitting, activities are held on the Lake Superior waterfront on weekends

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Nature Instructor

The Nature program is designed to give the campers hands-on instruction in learning about their environment and caring for it.  Most of the instructional time is spent experiencing nature in the great northern woods and along Lake Superior.

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Performing Arts Instructor

The Performing Arts program is designed to give the campers instruction in a variety of creative performance disciplines, which may include music, dance, theater, poetry, magic, puppetry, etc

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Recreation Instructor

The Recreation program at Bay Cliff is designed to give the campers instruction in a variety of outdoor group games and sports.  They learn the importance of exercise and good sportsmanship as well as creative ways to use leisure time.

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Leadership Staff

Here are some short descriptions of the leadership positions

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator position at Bay Cliff encompasses both administrative and non-administrative duties. It is a key leadership role at camp! The Program Coordinator adapts and communicates the daily camp schedule, evening all-camp activities, weekend programs, and special events

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Teen Coordinator

The Teen Coordinator is a role model and mentor for the teen campers. The Teen Coordinator is responsible for providing a comprehensive program for the teens that focuses on independence and vocational skills that will help them successfully transition into adulthood

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Unit Leader

The Unit Leader is a key figure in the Bay Cliff Health Camp summer session. There are five housing units for the campers at Bay Cliff. A Unit Leader is responsible for the welfare and activities of their unit. The counselors act under their direction. The Unit Leader sets standards and provides overall supervision for all staff and children in the unit

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Professional Staff

This includes licensed OTs, PTs, SLPs, Music Therapists, and Nurses

Please send a resume including 3 professional references, as well as a letter of interest along with the application

OT job description

PT job description

SLP job description

Music therapist job description

Nurse job description

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Supporting Staff

Here are some short descriptions of the supporting staff roles

Dining Room Supervisor

The dining room supervisor supervises the dining room (hopper) staff and ensures that meals are served in a timely and friendly manner

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Dish Room

The dish room staff are responsible for ensuring that the dishes are clean for use during our meal times

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Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff are responsible for ensuring that meals are provided on time during our 3 camp meals during the day.

Baker job description

Assistant Cook job description

Laundry/Linen and Housekeeping

The Laundry and Linen (L&L) facility is a bustling hub of activity each day as campers routinely bring the laundry to be cleaned, and the counselors daily select the clothing for their campers. The L&L staff play a vital role in making this process work

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The maintenance staff makes sure that our facilities operate effectively and repair anything that might break during the summer


The Bay Cliff Office is the first impression of Bay Cliff that our visitors, campers, staff and guests see.  As a summer secretary, you will provide a welcoming environment while performing a wide variety of office duties

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Under 18 Staff

Here are some short descriptions of the under 18 staff roles

Dining Room Aide (Hopper)

Hoppers serve the campers and staff during meals in the Big House, which is our dining facility. Hoppers also assist in the clean up and set up of the Big House for meals

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Laundry and Linen/Housekeeping Aide

L&L/Housekeeping Aides assist in ensuring that campers have clean clothes throughout the summer

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